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Savantic embrace the students’ climate challenge

On 3 December, Dagens Nyheter’s Debatt page presented an appeal from Swedish students, who have joined the climate manifesto signed by 20,000 French students, directed towards future employers with the demand that they show they take the climate threat to our planet seriously.

The Studentmanifestet states that students are not in the least interested in working with companies claiming to care for the environment, but who, in reality, do not do much to change their own behaviour.


The students make the following demands, directed towards the companies:

1. That you continually follow-up and openly report your total emissions and your impact on the environment, caused by your business activities, both in Sweden and abroad.

2. That you create a carbon dioxide budget to lower your carbon dioxide emissions by 16 per cent annually and that you have an action plan for how this result will be realised.

3. That you regularly measure and follow up your impact on the environment and your carbon dioxide budget. Good intentions and small-scale improvements are not enough; the carbon dioxide budget must be taken as seriously as your financial budget.


The workforce of the future demands that businesses clearly and transparently communicate the way in which they tackle the climate crisis. Savantic embrace this challenge!

We carry out this work for the future well-being of all of us, but it is also needed to make our company sustainable and be able to attract the high competence level which is the core of Savantic’s operations. We have already started to record our emissions, set up our carbon dioxide budget and create a plan for our regular follow-ups.

We encourage other companies to join us on this journey – because none of us can really afford not to.

Published: 06/12/2018